Our Story

When we talk with other advisors in our industry, we find that the story of Ramiscal Equitan Advisors is not a typical one. In fact, the journey to where we are today has taken many exciting twists and turns along the way.

Elmer’s adventures from the Navy to the Financial Plan

The story started when Elmer Ramiscal was a young man who was determined to chase his American dream. Immediately after finishing high school in the Philippines, he enlisted in the United States Navy and became a Naval Counselor. Elmer’s main responsibility was to advise service personnel on the benefits of staying in the service until retirement. He also advised them about the life-long financial effects for them and their family.

He received two Golden Anchor Awards for his outstanding performance, and he loved his job. His ship, the USS Virginia, benefited from a high retention rate, cost savings and constant readiness. He also was awarded with Sailor of the Year award while he was stationed at the Norfolk Naval base in Virginia. His passion and skill in helping others was apparent. He left the military service after 22 years with the rank of Senior Chief.

He then completed his bachelor’s degree in 1982 and transitioned into the financial services industry in 1983 where his focus was to continue helping people with their financial goals. He acquired his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification a few years later.

Our Motto

When we learn, we teach. And when we teach, we learn.

Our Purpose

Helping our communities pursue their financial goals – one person, one family, one business at a time

Our Vision

Foster financial literacy in the communities we serve

Benjamin Equitan – Finding a New Dream

As a young man, Elmer’s business partner, Ben, had dreamt of being an engineer, but circumstances eventually led him to become an accountant. Life was not easy for him in his teen years. At 16, he was working several menial jobs to pay for his education and living expenses. He put himself through college and became a CPA working in Manilla until he was recruited by a multinational company to work in the Middle East. Eventually he moved to the U.S. to join his family where he did clerical work during the day and was a convenience store clerk at night, all while studying and passing the CPA exam*.

His experience with one of the “Big Four” accounting firms gave him the opportunity to work with CPAs from around the world working with large global companies. Eventually, he pursued the work that he found most satisfying; the work he does today; helping individuals plan their futures. Ben also found Elmer.

Together – an Experienced Team

Elmer brought with him his years of experience counseling military personnel, community engagement, and building relationships. Ben brought with him his wealth of experience gained as a CPA and having worked with a top accounting firms and other corporations.

“I feel it is the perfect combination,” Elmer would often say to clients and friends when Ben joined him. “I am glad Ben accepted my invitation. I believe his background of work and financial skills match our needs perfectly.”

Together, we developed a vision and shared values, put it in writing, and conduct our business by it every day.

“Having a clear vision for what we hope to do for our clients and shared values is critical to our future, because our actions each day will be guided by it,” Ben explains.

Our Business, Our Commitment

We have made important decisions in line with the changes happening in the industry. Among these are:

1. Moving our practice to a new location
2. Changing our name while keeping our same commitment to you
3. Building our social presence, allowing you access to information when we can’t meet face-to-face
4. Hiring additional support staff to continue to build on our service commitment
5. Improving our clients' experience
6. Investing in technology to better manage our practice and meet client needs
7. Increasing our engagement through events, educational seminars and participation in community projects
8. Increasing diversity, both in our clients and in our advisor team

Above all else, we continue to serve everyone who seeks our help—not just wealthy clients. Investors who question whether they have enough money for a financial advisor inspire us. They have the potential to make success stories for themselves and their families. We both agree that while money is important, service is paramount and that leads us to our Purpose

“Purpose gives life meaning and true happiness. When you use your strength to serve others…that’s Purpose.”


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