Benjamin "Benjie" Equitan Jr.

Benjamin "Benjie" Equitan Jr.

Managing Director | Wealth Advisor

My mission is to help people save for the important moments in their lives… and do it the right way!

A while ago, I sat down with a young man in his early thirties who asked me to assist him in opening a custodial account for his 3-year old son. I asked him what made him want to start investing for his child so early, and his response fueled my passion. “My parents did the same thing for me when I was my son’s age. In return, I am making sure I can do the same thing for my children”, he told me.

I understand hardship and hard work. I was born in the Philippines. At the age of 16, I already started working at several menial jobs to pay for school and living expenses. I was a janitor, an office messenger, etc. while working full time. I completed my bachelor’s degree with a major in Accounting at the University of Nueva Caceres in the Philippines and passed the CPA examinations.

Ten years later, I emigrated to the U.S. and found myself reviewing for the CPA examinations again, while trying to earn a living as clerical worker by day and convenience store clerk at night. My hard work paid off and I passed the Uniform CPA examinations. I joined one of the Big Four accounting firms and had the opportunity to work with and learn from some highly qualified CPAs. I also worked in corporate America, in the U.S., in the Philippines and in the Middle East.

At times, my life has been tough, but I never lost hope. I believe my story is not that different from the stories of other immigrants who pursue the American dream. My mission is to help them make it happen. For me, hard work is essential. But it is not enough. The money you earn needs to be invested with a plan. Many people are aware that this is true. But not all understand how to do it. While my own background is Filipino, I work with people from different backgrounds and in all different situations who understand the importance of investing for their future and utilizing the services of a professional to help ensure that they’ve got a plan in place to pursue their financial goals. I’m particularly committed to serving the Filipino-American community. They are a group that I understand well.

I share my knowledge in the hope of empowering my clients to take control of their financial lives. I believe financial planning and investment can be fore everyone. The diversity of my clients reflects this philosophy.

I became a financial advisor because I saw so many immigrants working hard and not getting professional help they needed to get their money working for them. I joined Waddell & Reed and now operating under the DBA name Ramiscal Equitan Advisors, because I saw that they were already working with a great number of Filipino-Americans in our region and I wanted to help.

At present, I hold securities and insurance licenses that enable me to serve clients in 24 states. I believe there is a great value in working with a financial professional. Whether or to you work with me, I hope you will find an experienced—and trusted—Financial Advisor. I also welcome referrals. If you know someone in need of an advisor, I am available.


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