Elecel “Monica” Galozo

Elecel “Monica” Galozo

Manager - Events, Marketing, and Client Relations

Elecel “Monica” Galozo is a Communication Arts graduate and was a radio broadcaster for 9 years. The last 5 years of her career was with ABS-CBN, the largest broadcasting network in the Philippines. The network provided her other opportunities to hone her talents in TV hosting, events hosting and scriptwriting.

Monica’s public exposure and engagement with personalities and public figures developed her self-confidence, social skills and public relations. She became more passionate of her craft and it drove her to invest on learning while exploring other opportunities. She ventured into managing talents, teaching, public speaking and entrepreneurship. To further her education, she enrolled in the MBA program and graduated in 2009. The same year, she migrated from Davao City, Philippines to Virginia Beach, VA where the new chapter of her personal and professional life began.

In a work environment completely outside her strength zone, Monica struggled. But through hard work and determination, she thrived as an office manager of a chiropractic office.

She held the position for almost 6 years while working part-time at a call center for 2 years. These two jobs equipped her with competence in customer service and office administration. She then elevated her experience with a position in the accounting department of a large healthcare organization.

After 3 years into the job and 9 years of combined medical administration experience, Monica felt miserable and unhappy. She began soul searching and embarked on a self-development journey. She reignited her passion for broadcasting by vlogging and through the serendipitous flow of events, she reconnected with her old network and became a news correspondent of The Filipino Channel’s news program Balitang America. This gig enabled her to get engaged with the Filipino-American community in the Hampton Roads area and that’s how she met Mr. Elmer Ramiscal and Mr. Benjamin Equitan Jr.

Monica’s hunger to deploy her craft in full force was not only satisfied by joining the Ramiscal Equitan Advisors team as the Manager for Events, Marketing and Client Relationship, but also by the limitless opportunities in the financial services industry.  She takes her position seriously and she aspires to pursue higher goals with the team by preparing herself to also become a licensed financial advisor.


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