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Ramiscal Equitan Advisors Office Blessing

We are extremely blessed to open our new office! Recently, we had the blessing of our new office. It was attended by our friends, families, and clients. Our new home at 208 Golden Oak Court, Suite 345, Virginia Beach, VA will allow us to serve you better! Call us at (757)216-1213 or drop us a message on Facebook.

Client Advisory Council

Recently, we formed the Client Advisory Council to further our mission to fill the needs of our family members. The purpose of the advisory council is to get a first hand account of the experiences, needs and wants, and ideas to elevate our services from the experts, our clients. Listen to what our long standing clients and newly joined members have to say about Ramiscal Equitan Advisors.

Insurance Awareness Month - September

Have you reviewed your insurance lately? Don’t think you need life insurance? If so, consider the following potential factors that may make it a good idea. Click to watch the video.

Feeding the Homeless

On August 7th, 2021  Ramiscal Equitan Advisors team cooked, packed and delivered food to the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center (JCOC), a non-profit organization that provides meals and shelter to  homeless individuals.

Giving is not just about making a donation, it's about serving others and making a difference. It may just be one meal, but it could make a homeless and hungry person's day a little better with one less problem to solve. 

Past Grand Knight Ben Equitan Looks Back at the Achievements of Knights of Columbus in 2020

Our very own Ben Equitan, now past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus San Lorenzo Council 12378, congratulated the the organization for a very triumphant year 2020. In the midst of COVID19 crisis and the whole new normal-plagued with restrictions during the pandemic… the Knights of Columbus Council 12378 with the all-out support from it’s Ladies Auxiliary… charitable and philanthropic work did not stop. During our generation's most difficult year, the council was driven to innovate and were even more passionate to help and serve those who are in need. Because of the council's solid teamwork, it surpassed previous successes and even marked the council's history with the year 2020's record-breaking feats. Job well done Knights and Ladies!
Congratulations to the council officers of the past year and best wishes to the newly installed set of officers for 2021.

Mother's Day 2021

There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her children. And for that, she deserves to be celebrated and honored today and everyday for all the love she gives so freely that is not appreciated enough. Happy Mother's Day! #mothersday #mothersday2021 #filipinoamericanmoms

Filipino-American Community Vaccination Drive

We support the Council of Filipino Organization in Tidewater in their drive to vaccinate the Filipino-American Community by providing meals to volunteers. We want to make sure we play an active role in helping our communities stay safe and protected. #healthiswealth #familyiswealth #staysafe #filipinoamerican

Virtual Wine Tasting

On February 27, 2021 we at Ramiscal Equitan Advisors had a blast touring the winery and tasting organic wines with clients and friends, albeit virtually. With the help of a private chef, we also designed a buffet of appetizers consisting of French and Italian hors d’oeuvres which made our virtual party even more interactive and enjoyable. #virtualwinetasting #ramiscalequitanadvisors

Ben's LEAD Signature Leadership Class Graduation 2020

On October 22, 2020 The Hampton Roads Chamber held it’s annual BRAVO! A celebration of leadership event honoring Hampton Roads First Citizen and the Julian Hirst Awardees, as well as to celebrate the LEAD Hampton Roads Signature class of 2020. The Lead Signature Class is a program designed for experienced leaders seeking to expand their circles of influence, their knowledge of the inner working of Hampton Roads and their opportunities to serve the Hampton Roads region, the state of Virginia and the entire United States.

Ramiscal Equitan Advisors’ very own Ben Equitan was among the graduates. Our team is also a proud sponsor of this year’s BRAVO and has been supporting this leadership event by the Hampton Roads Chamber for many years now. 

Holiday Greeting 2020

Christmas is just around the corner. May the holidays give you plenty of GIFTS.... The gift of PEACE, LOVE and JOY. To our friends, family, colleagues and clients...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Warm Greetings from Ramiscal Equitan Advisors.

Financial Q Episode 1

Get to know how financial knowledge and the lack thereof can affect your major decisions in life. Welcome to the first Episode of Financial Q! You ask, We Answer!


While we are social distancing and staying home, they are there in the front lines courageously taking the risk, sacrificing their time, family and well-being to care and protect those in need. We’d like to honor our heroes and celebrate their dedication to serve and commitment to care. Thank you for fighting the battle for us.


Fundraising Campaign for Taal Volcano Victims

When Taal volcano, the most active volcano in the Philippines,  erupted… Many Filipinos were displaced and lost their livelihood. But the Filipino-American community in the Hampton Roads area, of whom some are our clients, responded quickly to help the victims. Their compassionate initiative for a fundraising campaign inspired many to support this charitable cause, including us at Ramiscal Equitan Advisors. We were also moved by the Bayanihan Spirit or the Filipino tradition of helping one another… evidently shining through in this time of crisis. This initiative by the Filipino-American community resonates with our mandate as articulated in our vision and shared values. We are truly humbled to be part of this unifying effort in helping our brothers and sisters in the Philippines who are in need.


On November 16, 2019… Montero Medical Missions hosted an Inaugural Charity Gala to raise funds for a dream project…  a FLOATING MEDICAL CLINIC, a novel healthcare delivery system which will give far-flung coastal communities in the Philippines a better chance to healthcare access. Because of the event’s noble cause, Ramisal Equitan Advisors was inspired to help.

The charity gala was also featured in The Filipino Channel’s news program, Balitang America.


On May 2019. LEAD, a leadership program of the Hampton Roads Chamber… hosted a gala event called BRAVO, which features Annual Awards presentation and LEAD Signature Class graduation. One of the event sponsors was Ramiscal Equitan Advisors.

During the event, LEAD presented awards to three exceptional leaders from the Hampton Roads region. One of the awards, the 2019 Visionary Leadership Award was presented to the current Chairman of CUFOT or the Council of United Filipino Organizations in Tidewater and the Director of Brock Institute EVMS, Dr. Cynthia Romero.   

Mr. Benjamin Equitan Jr. did the honors in introducing the awardee, the first and only Filipino-American recipient and the pride of the Filipino-American community.

Ramiscal Equitan Advisors is not only a proud sponsor of BRAVO but also an alumni of LEAD Signature class. Mr. Elmer Ramiscal was among the first graduates of the program and this year in May, Mr. Benjamin Equitan Jr.  will join the distinguished list of LEAD leadership graduates for 2020. 

Kids Cultural Fest 2019

Kids Cultural Fest is a kid and family-friendly event hosted by Ramiscal Equitan Advisors. The festivity was designed not only to entertain but also to promote the appreciation of culture and the arts among the children and their families while encouraging them to participate in community affairs and help them develop a strong sense of camaraderie. The event was also not just a big festivity but also an opportunity to promote financial education among children.  As a financial advisory business, Ramiscal Equitan Advisors invest time and resources to offer custodial accounts to encourage saving at an early age.

PMASEV 42nd Annual Convention and Spring Ball  

With Filipino-Americans comprising 90% of our client-base, Ramiscal Equitan Advisors is committed in giving back to the Filipino-American community by supporting it’s events and projects. PMASEV or the Philippine Medical Association of South Eastern Virginia is among the organizations which Ramiscal Equitan advisors has had an established relationship with. PMASEV is a group of Filipino-American doctors, united not only by their profession but also by their mission to promote the Filipino heritage as well as foster health and wellness of the Filipino-American community.

New Office Blessing and Grand Opening Celebration

It was a day of celebration, blessing and welcoming of our valued clients, colleagues and guests to our new office. It was a grand opening party which marked the exciting new chapter of Ramiscal Equitan Advisors as a financial services team. The event also became an opportunity to share our history as well as communicate our goals, shared values and vision so our clients and guests could get a better understanding of how we came to be and where we are headed to.

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